Innovative Counseling, Inc.®


Almost 12 years ago (March 1, 2000), after many years of working with children and their families, our then-small professional staff noted the increasing need for a more intense form of therapy for children and families -- an Innovative form of therapy -- where the therapy process could happen more frequently and in a home environment comfortable for everyone. Intensive In Home Psychotherapy services and In Home Autism Treatment were added to the outpatient and psychiatric services already offered and Innovative Counseling, Inc. was born.

Innovative Counseling, Inc. was the brainchild of company President Cynde Tiesling, MSW, LCSW. Assisted by Cynthia Connolly, LCSW and Cynthia Thomas, LCSW, the small company soon outgrew its original offices on Oneida Street and our second office located on Cedar Ridge in Ashwaubenon. In January 2010, Innovative moved into our current location at 1499 Sixth Street in Green Bay. It was important for us to maintain that home-like atmosphere in our new setting, so all the therapy rooms were given a make-over and cozy furniture. A play-therapy room for children and a large conference room for meetings and trainings was added.

Additional professional staff offer a wider variety of services. Increased business staff allowed us to provide better and more efficient service delivery while maintaining the "small office personalized" feel. We want to be your source of HOPE and HELP when you need it. We continue to strive to meet the new challenges that families face in today's world with creative and out-of-the-box forward thinking.