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Do you feel stressed about your relationship with your significant other, your children, your family, your aging parents, your job or your life circumstances?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, helpless, angry or sad? Have you found yourself in the midst of a rough patch with your significant other?

You have begun to realize that you are no longer interested in the things in life that you used to be. You have to push yourself to socialize with family and friends? You just have not been happy in your life.

You are tired of getting daily calls from your child's school about behavior problems or homework that has not been completed. You feel inadequate as a partner, a parent and as a person.

Your life is changing. You’re fearful and extremely worried. The downward spiral within yourself and your relationship with your partner scares you. You know within yourself that you need to seek outside help.

You know you need someone to help you find solutions to your individual issues. You may also need help looking at relationship issues as well as those affecting your children, especially if you have a child with autism.

Deciding as an individual, as a couple or as a family to seek counseling is a very big step. It can also be difficult. You may have never been to see a counselor before and making that call can be very frightening.

At Innovative Counseling, Inc. our counselors are some of the most experienced, knowledgeable individuals who do not view what they do as "just a job." Innovative Counselors really do care about the people with whom they work. It is how they have gained their outstanding reputations in Northern, Central and Northeastern Wisconsin as Therapists who will exceed your expectations. They know what you are looking for are solutions to your problems. They understand your issues and will assist you to sort out your feelings and thoughts as individuals, couples or families. They want to assist you to learn to feel really good about yourself, to develop your inner strengths and unfold your path to happiness.

Coming to see a therapist can help you change your life, help you to see the possibilities and discover your hopes and dreams that could change your life forever.

Pick up the phone and start to experience life differently.
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