Innovative Counseling, Inc.®

Innovative Counseling Inc. is a community Mental Health Clinic, serving a wide variety of clients for a multitude of reasons. Innovative has been serving the greater Green Bay area and surrounding communities since 2001.

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What clients have to say:

"We are always offered excellent advice to take home to work on issues we are having."

"Communication between therapists and parents is super!"

"The therapists there are easy to open up to and talk to."

"Scheduling is always very accommodating."

"My counselor is cool."

"I'm very grateful for everything and feel like I'm finally making headway with my therapy."

"The whole environment is good and healthy!"

"Full of very friendly counselors who listen and care."

"My therapist is very understanding and professional at the same time."

"Staff is very understanding and work well with scheduling conflicts."

"Love this place. Feels like you aren't just a number."

"I always feel a lot better when I am done with my appointment."

"Everyone is pleasant and friendly."

"We love coming here. My daughter counts down the days until her next appointment."

"This place is warm, friendly, and inviting."

"My counselor is about as young as me which helps me relate; she agrees with me on some things but can help me see things differently."

Pick up the phone and start to experience life differently.
(920) 497-6161 or Wisconsin Toll Free 1-866-460-8848
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