Innovative Counseling, Inc.®

Innovative Therapy Dogs

A unique therapy tool that Innovative Counseling, Inc.® has available is the ability to utilize therapy dogs. The therapy dogs are Kiah and Kayleigh. Mia has not been quite so open to this “training” thing yet and is just a tad on the spoiled side being the youngest.


KiahKiah was born on December 5, 2004.  She is a sable Shetland Sheepdog.  She is highly intelligent, kind and loving. Kiah loves to be at the office. Kiah is a therapy dog and understands when she is working and when she is 'off duty' and can just be a real dog.  She loves to be petted and loved. 


KayleighKayleigh was born April 11, 2005. She is a tri-colored Shetland Sheepdog. Kayleigh is the 'middle child.' She is extremely intelligent and very sensitive to the feelings of others. She adores babies and small children and is extremely gentle. Kayleigh is a therapy dog. Kayleigh loves to curl up and snuggle and be loved and petted. Kayleigh is also a very accomplished "singer." She loves to sing (howl) for people and enjoys the attention that she gets for her special talents. She also loves to play with the electric windows in the car and roll them up and down, locks and unlocks the car doors, and stands on the bed to roll the shades up so she can see what is happening outside.

Mia (Mia Doodles Daughter of Noodles)

MiaMia was born on January 3, 2006. She is a tri-colored Shetland Sheepdog. Mia is the youngest and is still a “therapy dog in training” at Innovative. Mia has “allergies” and takes daily allergy medicine. She is still like a puppy in many ways and is a bit shy yet. She is smaller than the other two dogs and much more of a lap dog. She loves to be snuggled and petted. She loves to chase Kiah and Kayleigh and will grab onto their tails to try to keep up with them. She is the comic of the group. She is smart and knows how to express what her needs are. Mia makes it no secret when she needs to go outside or wants to eat or be snuggled with. She gets rather insistent about her needs. Hmmm, I wonder who is training who in her case?


All three dogs