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Trauma Informed Care

What is Trauma Informed Care?

According to SAMHSA’s concept of a trauma-informed approach, “A program, organization, or system that is trauma-informed:

A trauma-informed approach can be implemented in any type of service setting or organization and is distinct from trauma-specific interventions or treatments that are designed specifically to address the consequences of trauma and to facilitate healing. (

What We Are Doing:

Innovative Counseling, Inc. actively works to ensure its entire agency, from therapeutic techniques to agency policies are congruent with Trauma Informed Care practices. Staff is trained on TIC principals, and a TIC committee actively evaluates all aspects of Innovative Counseling Inc. to ensure the best possible care and treatment for our clients and staff.

Innovative Counseling Inc.’s staff is actively involved with the Brown County United Way: Child Abuse & Neglect- Tools and Trainings Task Force, where the current focus is spreading Trauma Informed Care throughout all of Brown County through education and training, to create a more trauma-friendly environment for all residents.

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