Innovative Counseling, Inc.®

Psychiatric Clinic

Innovative Counseling is a therapy based clinic in which the therapist and prescribers work in collaboration to provide the best possible treatment. Debra Benishek, APNP is certified by the ANCC as a Family Nurse Practitioner and as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adult Psychiatric & Mental Health and serves adults and children ages 12 and older. Diane Pivonka, APNP is certified by the ANCC as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adult Psychiatric and Mental Health and provides psychiatric consultation and medication management services to adults ages 15 and older. Diane and Debra are available to provide psychiatric consultation and treatment ONLY to patients who are involved in regular on-going therapy at our clinic. You will need to consult with your therapist for a referral to the Psychiatric Clinic.

Psychiatric Evaluation: What to Expect

Typically, a psychiatric evaluation takes an interview format and can be completed in less than an hour.

The psychiatrist or advanced practice nurse prescriber will ask you to describe your symptoms, the time and circumstances of when your symptoms began, and ask you to recall any patterns of your symptoms. They will ask about your family situation and any family history of similar problems. You may be encouraged to talk about your childhood, any support systems you have (family, friends and community) and your general wellbeing.

Medical Management: What to Expect

If medication is prescribed to treat your condition, it is important for the prescriber to follow up on a regular basis to ensure that the treatment is working and that there are no adverse side effects. You will be asked to schedule short appointments for your progress to be monitored.

Prescription Refill Line

Innovative Counseling, Inc. offers a 24/7 prescription refill line for those clients needing to refill ongoing medications. Please call our local number 920-497-6161 and ask to be transferred to the prescription refill voice mail box (ext. 175).