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Outpatient Mental Health Questions

Is this program right for me?
Outpatient therapy is very flexible, and suitable for almost anyone who needs help. Innovative offers several different Outpatient therapists, each specializing in certain age ranges and mental health issues.
What makes Outpatient therapy different?
Outpatient therapy encompases a wide variety of psychological theories and methods. Because outpatient can be used to treat many different issues, the therapist often picks the right methods to help solve the client's problems.
Will my insurance cover it?
We are on numerous insurance panels including UnitedHealthcare, Badgercare and Forward. Prior to your first appointment, we will ask you for your insuance information and verify that our services are covered. You may have a copay or be responsible for a certain percent of the cost. If we foresee problems with coverage we will talk with you about it so you can make the right decisions for your circumstances.
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